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About Badminton String

Why Badminton String is important?

String is a very important part of your badminton racquet. Right string can make a lot difference to your play. A highend racquet normally does not come with a string. Hence, it gives you freedom to select the optimise string and right tension. A good string appropriately setup should give you good resillience, good feel, less shock, more control. Of course, you also want it to be durable. So you don't have to restring frequently. A good string plus labor fee can easily cost you 20 dollars.

Select the best tension

We will discuss what is the different between a racquet strung at 30lb vs 20lb. Amateur will probably have the impression that 30lb will be more "powerful" compared to 20lb. However, the tighter it is strung, that means the less time your racquet will get contact with the shuttlecock when you hit it. Which also identify that will be lesser transferred from your arm to the shuttlecock. Most top brand racquet will have a range of tension to be strung. Shuttlely will recommend for beginner racquet to be strung at 22lb-24lb, after you have improve skill and strength then slowly raise it up to 26lb-28lb.

Professional players normally string their racquets at 30lb or higher mainly for control accuracy. For profressional players compete at highest level tournaments, a tiny difference can be important. Firstly, string a badminton racquet at such a high tension will make it very fragile. Secondly, more impact will be transfered to your wrist which could hurt your tendor and muscle.

Compare Yonex Strings

There are many different brand of string but Yonex is more widely used. BG65 is most widely used mainly because it is the one used by National team for training purposes. It is very durable and provides a good balance between quality and economy.

BG66 is a very thin string which is good for beginners and someone who is relative less power. However due to the thin string, it is also easy to break.

BG80 is a .68mm string and it is excellent for offensive plan. Mostly will be pair up with offensive racquets which gives u powerful strength with string setup at higher tension.

Model Recillience Feel Shock Absorption Control Durability
BG-65 B Medium A A A
BG-65Ti A Stiff B A A
BG-66 A+ Stiff A+ B B
BG-68Ti A+ Verfy Stiff A+ A+ B
BG-70Pro A Medium B A A
BG-80 A+ Stiff A A A
BG-85 A+ Very Stiff A A C
BG-95 A Stiff A+ A+ A

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